Our Flexible Plans

Simple pricing that works for you!



Great for Individuals or for testing our service.
10 Resources
3 Events
10000 Email
10 SMS
500k API Requests



Perfect for running a small business.
20 Resources
10 Events
20000 Email
20 SMS
1m API Requests



Need more events, look no further!
30 Resources
50 Events
40000 Email
40 SMS
10m API Requests



We can build any plan to your needs.
∞ Resources
∞ Events
∞ Email
∞ API Requests

Pricing & Billing FAQ

Can I use Bookability.io for free?

Of course, Bookability.io is completely free, we do not require any credit card details to set up an account additionally users are not locked to a single account. Unfortunately free accounts have boundaries in functionality and resources, we recommend users try our free service until they have it fully implemented and are benefiting from it

Once signed up for a package, can I revert back to free?

Yes, if you decide that your package is being unused you can change it on the plan management page.

How am I billed?

If you have a subscription attached to your billing will take place monthly the day of the billing day can be checked on your project management page. The billing day is normal every 4 weeks from the day you first signed up for a payment place.

How do I cancel my account?

If you decide that Bookability.io is not for you and would like to cancel your account you can do it from the account management page, before doing this feel free to contact us

How do I choose between monthly and PAYG billing?

Billing options can be changed from the plan management page, from here you can change to or from a subscription. Additionally if a user does not wish to engage in a monthly subscription they are able to acquire credits which can be used to purchase Bookability.io resources.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

What currency's do you support?


When I enter my card details are they secure?

We never see your card details they are handled securely by a third party called stripe. Find out more about their security.