We're Different

Try us for FREE, and see for yourself

If you switch to one of our premium plans, you also get our super special 30 day money back guarantee!

Flexible Events

You are no longer limited to minimum 15 minute slots as with other booking systems. Organize and book events down to the minute, to maximize your availability!

New Features

Try our new experimental breakthrough features, such as customer profiling and industry benchmarking. Compare your bookings anonymously against industry competitors.

Completely FREE

Our FREE package has a vast array of great features and functions that will help with the day to day creation and management of bookings.

Uptime Guarantee

Our servers are covered by a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and all your data is securely backed-up and available for you to export as and when you want.


Charlotte Says

I love how we can set dependencies for events. If one staff member is tied up and can't run an event, Bookability.io automatically makes that time slot unavailable.

Fast Integration

We created some Composer modules that can be added to websites and web-apps allowing developers to interact with Bookability.io in just 1 line of code.

Built For You

Our API comes with comprehensive yet simple documentation for easy customisation.

Monthly Surprises

Every month we randomly pick a small selection of clients and send them a nice surprise! These could be gift-vouchers, discount codes, t-shirts or other goodies.

Go Digital

You and your customers can download and instantly access invoices, tickets, and receipts. You no need to print documents unless you want to.

That's Not All

There's much, much more …

To save you the hard work of shopping around we have listed a few other similar services below. We pride ourselves on our honesty, so if we have incorrectly listed any of the below please let us know.

Feature Bookability.io
Customer Profiling   BETA
When a customer makes a booking, we'll give you access to their full public profile.
Industry Benchmark   BETA
Compare your traffic and bookings with other anonymous key players in the same industry, to gain the leading edge.
No Fixed Contract
Dynamic plans, which you are free to move between or jump back to the trial at any time.
Flexible Events & Resources
Check-out, book, rent, or track any item and resource. Events can re-use multiple resources and also be cross-dependable.
Free Plan
Try our no risk, 'FREE forever' plan.
Click here to get started.
Developer Datastore & API
We've built our own REST API with a custom datastore to allow you to build and store your own variables.
Fast Composer Install
Get up and running in minutes on your own project, with our pre-built composer packages.
Just like everyone else, plug our service into your CMS or website with our simple widget.
Multiple Payment Providers
If you're on one of our premium plans and we don't list your payment provider, just let us know and we will install it for you.
Promotions & Coupons
Generate rules for discounts and coupon codes for your events.
Electronic Tickets & Invoices
Remove the hassle of paper based tickets, and track the digital tickets on your project dashboard.
Last Minute Bookings
Customise cancellation handling, and offer discounts on last minute bookings.
Social Media Integration
Customers can log in with Facebook or Twitter and share bookings with friends.
Low Cost Email & SMS
Keep customers and staff notified with Emails or SMS, no hidden fees.
3p per
Unlimited Bookings
No limits or extra charges by us on bookings or payments.