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Tuesday 20th January 2015 by Richard Davey

Thanks to all those who took our email survey. We are extremely grateful for all your feedback and  have already started analysing the data. We have also listened to the features that you felt were important and have focused our work on these, eager to have everything implemented before we go live!

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Wednesday 24th December 2014 by Richard Davey

It has taken a lot of man hours, sweat and tears, but the availability module has been completed after countless iterations! Our main concern was keeping the governing event and resource rules flexible, while not overloading the system with cached or indexed data. We now have a reliable, fast, and very efficient method of allowing down to the minute bookings with no need for minimum slot sizes, thus optimising your booking availability - or "Bookability"!

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Monday 8th December 2014 by Richard Davey

Meet the latest edition to the team! He's an artisan in the inner workings of booking systems, doesn’t mind getting his paws dirty and is ready to help in just a jiffy.

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Friday 7th November 2014 by Richard Davey

Thank you to everyone who has helped us over the last few weeks in finding and moving into a new office. We've now finished our move and are getting ready for the launch of in early 2015.

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Friday 3rd October 2014 by Richard Davey
No web app is complete without its own unique logo to represent it! For this reason we have undergone a vigorous selection progress culminating in our beloved logo. The logo signifies a milestone towards the completion of Bookabiltiy. The logo we feel will fit perfectly into our project and will aid in development of the intuitive web interface.

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